Our team

  • Charles Guigan, CFA
    Charles Guigan, CFA
  • Jonathan Melloul
    Jonathan Melloul
    Associate Director
  • Yassine Jnan
    Yassine Jnan
  • William Alves
    William Alves
  • Martin Klotz
    Martin Klotz
  • Floriane Lang
    Floriane Lang

Our team

In order to complete operations successfully that are endowed upon us, our team combines rigor and efficiency, that has been acquired in international business banks (J.P.Morgan, CACIB, Rothschild), with a spirit of initiative and an entrepreneurial dynamic, which is the main focus of our project.


Founded in 2013, Eurvad (“opportunity” in Breton), is the result of a desire to share an expertise and know-how with the aim of accompanying a CEO in his key operations pertaining to the company’s life. We align our interests with our clients’ and we are mostly incentivised on the success of the operations.

Our values

Trust, commitment and integrity: Eurvad Finance aims to create a long lasting ecosystem with its clients and partners and each mission is directly carried out by our most senior team members.

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